Second part of my AP Art portfolio when I was a senior at SHS (2010-2011).
Order / Date mixed up.

Concentration Theme: Classical human figure drawing.

Medium: Graphite pencils, soft pastels, computer renderings.

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Concentration Statement:

<< What is the central idea of your concentration? (500 characters max.) >>
My concentration explores my own held standard of beauty- newly developed for me this year. I focused on finding the beauty within “normal people” in their most natural of form - nude. While rendering nude persons I looked to exemplify the happiness and pride I wish everyone to have, no matter how one may appear on the outside. I oppose the societal trend of worshiping the waif-like and vain body image. With this, I worked to focus on each piece possessing a serene and relaxed feeling.

<< How does the work in your concentration demonstrate the exploration of your idea? You may refer to specific images as examples. When referencing specific images, please indicate the image numbers. (1350 characters max.) >>
For about a year I’ve been attending open figure drawing and after I saw the model turning back into an “ordinary person” with their clothes back on. This fascinated me, as I would observe each wrinkle and voluptuous curve they had and imagine their lives. Although they were the center of focus while on the figure drawing stage, their lives were not the flamboyant as a runway model. For me they were part of an ordinary scene I may come across every day. In one models forehead wrinkles I saw a number of agonies he may have gone through (image x). In another models smile, I read the happiness of her life (image x). They were normal people, but what has made them special was their self-esteem in showing the world their life carved bodies without any shame or embarrassment. For me, it has been one of the most beautiful experiences. As I discovered beauty within each model, I began to appreciate my life and how I appear. The “fashion model body” is no longer my goal. The purpose of my concentration is to share this sense with my viewer and hope that those suffering from an artificial standard of beauty created by society will reconsider as I have. The evolution of my work is seen in my movement from a sketchy look to a more polished one. I started by using pencil and moving to incorporating Computer Graphics in my later pieces.

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somethings sounds wrong in this statement.. i think it's the one before I got it revised.




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