2014/04/06 02:53

Kintsugi technique 스크랩 - Art

Broke two beloved bowls again today.
I have total of 6 broken bowls & cups to fix using kintsugi / faux kintsugi. (2 epoxy jointed)

Traditional kintsugi method cost more than Faux-kintsugi, and requires higher technique. However, the repaired works using faux-kintsugi may not be food safe (epoxy and gold leaf paint)

Ceramic pieces repaired with kintsugi gains its value exceeding its original value.

Inspiration from: drama Osen

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  • YS 2014/04/06 02:56 # 답글

    I felt pround when Liz asked me where I learned this because I basically taught myself by researching the topic of my interest. I felt like an independent artist.
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