2012/11/05 15:34



know this, friend
my love is the embodiment of angels
a flood of devas
a hurricane of cherubim and seraphim
encircling you, lifting you

know this, child of god
when you gaze at the cloudless dome of the midwestern sky,
my love is wider
when you see mountains and know that its reverse
anchors it into the earth
my love is deeper
will the sun stop shining? will the wind stop blowing?
my love is a force of nature
infinite and irrepressible

know this, daughter
I will protect you with my own body
I will fight any demon
you can stink to the high heavens
be an asshole the size of iowa
kick scream punch me in the solar plexus
and I am still here
arms spread palms open
I will hold you through any storm
watching and praying

know this, sister
I'm not gonna let you off the hook
don't you break the promise you made with the angels, god, and me
to take human form and plant yourself here on scarred earth
to know suffering
to take it into your bones
to burn it up
and transform it
we are here to sit in the fire with each other

soulmate, know this
you have soul sisters
spirit mothers
boddhisattvas waiting for the invitation from you
we hear you and see you even when you're determined to hide
we are at your beck and call to walk at your side
catch you when you falter
craddle, cajole, shake you awake to say
be here now
BE here now
be HERE now
be here NOW
now is the moment you have chosen
to bless us with your wild iridescent brilliance
a brilliance honed by lifetimes
tumbled and tossed, smoothed and polished
your wounds make you glow

beloved, know this
my love is a silver of the infinite eternal
a ray of the sun
a drop in the ocean of the great takes
a single blade of prairie grass
one link in the story of the interconnected self
in which multitudes embrace you
clouds and beetles and dandelions
children with sticky summer skin
squirrels balanced on powerlines
lightning piercing night sky
all fully present in your story - our story - to bear loving witness

know this, teacher
you matter more than rain
you matter more than earthworms
you matter more than paychecks
you matter more than poems
your significance cannot be measured in earthly terms
only our souls know your irreplaceability
why you have taken this pain, why now, why here
only our souls know
and we thank you
thank you for staying
thank you for bearing it
thank you for being in the story with me
thank you for this breath
this moment to be

- peggy kwisuk hong 2012


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